Alexandra Bachzetsis

28.02.2020 | 10.00 h – 18.00 h

TanzRaum | Werkraum Warteck pp

«Can gestures be invented? Or is there only ever a pregiven catalogue of movements that one selects from to construct his, her, or hir own body? […] you might think that gestures are written within a fixed cultural software and that like anatomical hardware our bodies do nothing other than express the code. Or, alternatively, you may believe that what characterizes political freedom and aesthetic action is a certain (even narrow) capacity to invent new gestures of expression. This latter, rather risky Nietzschean take on the gesture implies that the body is an operating system programmed in open beta, always ready to be modified. And in this scenario, subjects are not consumers of a given repertoire of gestures but rather co-programmers that over time contribute to building a completely new operating system.[…] Alexandra Bachzetsis does not offer an answer nor does she choose between these body politics, rather she brings us back to the question itself and keeps us questioning: Are you a Platonist of political anatomy or a Nietzschean of bodily movement? Are you more object or subject? How do you select your gestures? Have you ever stolen a gesture? Will you ever invent one?»
Paul B. Preciado on Alexandra Bachzetsis «An Ideal for Living»

This workshop is a setup for experimentation, where artistic practice and performance will take place in exchange with participants. During the workshop each participant will perform gestures. This performance will be based on a set of instructions or a «score» to be developed by the participants. We will be working together on establishing a dialogue between observing and doing.

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